MES (bulk power systems)
is a self-powered supply
of green energy!
It is as easy to manufacture
and reliable in operation
as the Kalashnikov gun!
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Performance specifications of demo power station MES:
Nominal power: 5 kW
Nominal voltage: 230V, 50Нz
2 outputs at 16A
Noise content does not exceed 40 dB
Operating regime S1 (continuous)
Weight: 80 kg

The technology enables to produce electric power generation station MES both constant and alternating current.

Stations of alternating current:
2-polar: 5 to 50 kW / 50 Hz
4-polar: 10 to 350 kW / 50 Hz (according to the developer it is not the limit).

Operation conditions of MES are identical to operation conditions of electric machines.

Electric power station MES is a continuation of the development of another direction in a mini (micro) of clean alternative energy.

Ready to discuss the conditions of sale of the laboratory setup MEA 10 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz.​